Key considerations for controlling business debtors

While growing your business it can become easy to lose sight of effectively managing your debtors, however doing so, can help your business continue to grow successfully. The information below can help make the task of controlling business debtors much easier. As...Read More

My credit score, is it important?

Debtors Ask “If I don’t pay, what can happen? Will it affect my credit score?  What is a credit score?” Creditors ask “Can we default the debtor?  Do we need to remove the default? Its disputed what do I do?” I am asked questions like...Read More

I signed a bad deal, do I have to pay?

Negotiate the terms before you sign, not when you get the bill.   I signed a bad deal is not a good defence. Dealing with business disputes is what I do day in and day out. So, I get to see all sides to disputes and the people that have them.  From my observations,...Read More