I signed a bad deal, do I have to pay?

Negotiate the terms before you sign, not when you get the bill.   I signed a bad deal is not a good defence. Dealing with business disputes is what I do day in and day out. So, I get to see all sides to disputes and the people that have them.  From my observations,...Read More

I have a debt under $5,000 should I sue?

I am regularly asked this question.  I thought I would write what my usual response is.   Whether debt recovery is worth it from a commercial perspective (cost vs. prospects of recovery) usually depends on three factors. 1.  The debtor; 2.  The type of claim you have...Read More

13 Questions to Ask the Lawyer before Suing

by Kristine Hopkins, LLB(hons), LLM, Australian Legal Practitioner Suing someone is not always sensible and simple cases can turn into complex defended litigation costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. At that point, the matter is no longer commercial. Some lawyers...Read More

Business is not a Play Pen

by Kristine Hopkins, LLM, LLB(Hons), Australian Legal Practitioner I talk to business people all the time when things go wrong.  Usually when they want to resolve a dispute or sue.  Being a dispute resolution specialist, by the time I see the deal, it has gone very,...Read More