Doing work and then not getting paid is not good for business.   Why does it always feel bad to chase up slow or non-paying customers?  Why do you feel like your being “bad” when you ask for payment?    That is the biggest problem I confront as a lawyer, when my clients say that they feel “bad” for chasing up debts.   Usually, my response is along the lines of “dont feel bad, its your money” and “you have a right to recover the debt”.

Unfortunately, the longer you leave the debt sitting in your unpaid ledger, the less likely it is you will be paid.  This is either because the debtor will think you have given up and/or the debtor will go insolvent.  Dont forget to follow up those slow paying customers.   Setting up a system is usually the best way to deal with ensuring debts do not fall into the “unrecoverable” category.

Kristine Hopkins is experienced in debt collection methods and can help you set up an internal system to deal with slow paying customers.  Kristine can also present to staff on the importance of collecting your debts quickly to improve recovery rates.