My credit score, is it important?

Debtors Ask “If I don’t pay, what can happen? Will it affect my credit score?  What is a credit score?” Creditors ask “Can we default the debtor?  Do we need to remove the default? Its disputed what do I do?” I am asked questions like...Read More

I have a debt under $5,000 should I sue?

I am regularly asked this question.  I thought I would write what my usual response is.   Whether debt recovery is worth it from a commercial perspective (cost vs. prospects of recovery) usually depends on three factors. 1.  The debtor; 2.  The type of claim you have...Read More

Don’t Forget to Collect your Debts

Doing work and then not getting paid is not good for business.   Why does it always feel bad to chase up slow or non-paying customers?  Why do you feel like your being “bad” when you ask for payment?    That is the biggest problem I confront as a lawyer,...Read More